The Third Rail

The Third Rail

TUCKER CARLSON: Evan McMullin is a fraud — Utah voters should know what they’re voting for.


MARTIN OLSON, SENATOR-ELECT, SACRAMENTO: We’ve got a choice between someone who’s dishonest, who’s misleading, and someone who’s a liar. That’s what you’re going to be choosing.


CARLSON: So, what is this guy? What does he stand for?

GREENE: He has that very old-school, John McCain, anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-choice agenda.

CARLSON: So he’s anti-choice then?

GREENE: Anti-choice and anti-gay and —

CARLSON: So he’s anti-choice and anti-gay then? I’ve never heard that before.

GREENE: Right.

CARLSON: I mean, that’s like the third rail.

DREYER: My reaction is, first of all, it’s not the third rail. The third rail is the Republicans who are unwilling to deal with the very serious economic crisis we’re facing, and they have blocked any real reform of the tax system, and have blocked any real change in health care.

And if you want to talk taxes, what’s the difference between Obama and Romney, between the two of them? Between Obama’s campaign, which has raised $53 million, and the Romney campaign, which has raised $26 million? They’re virtually identical in campaign finance. They’re almost identical in raising money. And yet this choice you have, this McMullin, who is going to win, I think, by a landslide. And I don’t know why Governor Romney didn’t pick him, too.


GREENE: That’s certainly true.

CARLSON: That is certainly the case.

GREENE: So what will be the case?

CARLSON: The case is, look, they’re both basically what’s called third parties. They’re both the non-Obama party. And they’re the non-Romney party. And they’re both extreme, the anti-choice, anti-gay party. And it’s an extraordinarily weird choice.


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