Jon Corzine Apologizes for Defending “The Passion of the Christ”

Jon Corzine Apologizes for Defending "The Passion of the Christ"

Matthew Perry apologizes for ‘Keanu Reeves still walks among us’ putdown in new book

Actor and former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine has been apologizing for a recent speech where he dismissed the impact that a film starring Keanu Reeves could have on the real world.

In a new book, “American Crossroads: The Life and Times of Jon Corzine,” Perry writes that Corzine, New Jersey’s ex-governor, was wrong to talk about the impact of the movie, which he describes as “one of the worst things this country has ever produced.”

The movie, which reportedly garnered $190 million in its opening weekend, stars Reeves.

Corzine, now at New York University, says in the book that he had no idea how much the film would make.

But the book also suggests that Reeves was right to criticize the movie’s message — after all, the movie does seem to promote anti-gay and anti-abortion extremism.

“I can only hope that one day, when we have a movie that is produced the way [Reeves] said, that it will inspire a real discussion in the public square about these issues,” Corzine writes.

“At present, we have a movie, starring actor Keanu Reeves, whose views on these issues (even if they were expressed in good faith) are dangerous and offensive to everyone, particularly Jews, homosexuals and the pro-life movement of this country.

“One of the great strengths of this country isn’t just our culture or our Constitution but our ability to disagree. In this case, we disagree about a movie that has been a political non-event. It is our responsibility, as citizens, to take a thoughtful and compassionate look at this matter.”

Corzine was in the audience of a premiere of “The Passion of the Christ” in Los Angeles when he made the comments.

A spokeswoman for the governor’s office says he is sorry and is not denying that the remarks led to the controversy. The spokeswoman says Corzine regrets that his comments “crossed a line” and that he is now talking to Jewish groups about apologizing.

However, in the book, Perry says that after his criticism, Corzine had a “tumultuous and lengthy conversation” with Reeves, who apologized for “stepping on a lot of toes.”

Perry says in the book that he did not

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