How to Change Your Handwriting Style

How to Change Your Handwriting Style

Do You Have Messy Handwriting? We Want to See It.

Forget the traditional penmanship books. We’re tired of seeing pages filled with those handwriting styles that, despite having no visible mistakes, leave you scratching your head and wondering who wrote this? The truth is, many of us do.

And now’s your chance to prove it!

The first step is to prove that you have handwriting issues, by uploading your handwriting samples here. Your handwriting samples will be reviewed by both experts in the area of handwriting, and then the results will be posted to you for your review. You will receive a letter of verification from both the experts and the judging panel in an e-mail.

Second, submit your handwriting to our expert panel. Your handwriting will be reviewed by three people who specialize in handwriting. Your handwriting will then go to the judging panel for final decision.

The results could be as simple as a point deduction for a bad penmanship, or it could be some sort of in-depth analysis of your writing abilities from an expert in the area of handwriting, and even a possible job interview or college scholarship.

If you have a messy handwriting style that you feel is unacceptable, and you really want it to be changed, submit your handwriting here today. You may have discovered that you have some real writing difficulties that you can’t even begin to address using a basic penmanship book, so submit your handwriting today and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Once you submit your handwriting samples, it’s in your hands.

I agree with you, I am a total mess in handwriting. I have been for ages and I have even applied for a job as a typist in the past. but I don’t have any job yet and I have no plans to apply anywhere right now. My handwriting is always awful. I never really got into handwriting before about 5 years ago. I used to write using the penmanship book but now I use a pen. my teacher wrote a lesson for us, we still had an assignment where we were suppose to write about a subject and we had to make the correct flow of letters and sentences. I couldn’t make the letters so the teacher said “you are not going to be a teacher again” and she gave us a long explanation on how to do the letters. I guess the teachers are very bad to not let us know that letters are

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