Caruso, please be truthful in your communications with your people

Caruso, please be truthful in your communications with your people

Letters to the Editor: How is Rick Caruso ‘earning’ Latino support?

Caruso is a proud American and we must remain grateful for the great service he is providing to our country. But let us not forget the people, especially the Latinos, he and his organization has alienated, as well as the people which have been betrayed and hurt the most by Caruso’s actions. Caruso, please be truthful in your communications with your people, especially your people who are now calling for your firing.

C.C. “T”

San Jose, Nov. 20, 2010

Viva Caruso!

Rick, I am writing on behalf of the many Latinos across the country who see you and your organization as being honorable, honest, and just. The truth about you is that you have made every effort to gain support of the Latino community.

You have given us the opportunity to call you out on your false and slanderous tactics, and most of all, your attacks on Latinos whom you have misrepresented or mischaracterized as violent, criminals, and just plain bad.

I hope this letter will be read and received by the many people you have alienated due to your false and slanderous characterizations and attacks on Latinos.

To illustrate my point and those I address, let me give you an example. You have accused us of being violent, drug dealers, and dangerous. Your organization has, in fact, brought us together as a united front against an enemy, whether it be terrorism, gangs, or any other enemy.

Your own false characterizations of this united front are well known, but you have gone on every show you have been on and in every newspaper article you have written and published, and have used the media for your own gain and to divide the Latino community.

I am not just referring to the media reports. Your group, the “El Pueblo Media Foundation (PMF),” has been very active in the media and has also been a very vocal spokesperson for yours opponents.

You have even had to retract some statements you have made regarding the character and behavior of El Pueblo, for example, the infamous “Spanish Inquisition” comments that you and certain PMF board members made on the radio show “El Viento de Aztlan,” with the intent to stir up hatred for the Latino community, to promote fear and paranoia, to

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