Why Colleges Are Not Degrees

Why Colleges Are Not Degrees

How Colleges and Sports-Betting Companies ‘Caesarized’ Campuses

In this post, I’m going to highlight a few of the more common and, frankly, rather dumb ways that colleges and sports-betting companies attempt to “dumb down campus into the dumbest possible shape”, thereby forcing students to pay huge fees to attend these universities. It’s actually an attempt to make college more profitable (so long as the college and/or sports-be-lottery-betting companies have to pay the cost of tuition to the school), but at the cost of making students less fun and more like students at WalMart.

I’ll begin with some history. There was a time when college was the only way for a young man to obtain a degree in most high schools. As I’m sure you’ve read, many (most?) high schools were not willing to pay enough for college to attract students. Not every student, however, had the means to pay for college. To solve this problem, many colleges began to offer degrees that were not quite degrees, but rather just certificates.

These “certificates” were not degrees because, unlike a degree, a certificate is not taken seriously by employers. It is not an official “degree”, because all those who have attained a certificate are technically “less than a degree”, because employers don’t want a certificate, but rather a degree that counts in the same way a degree is counted. Therefore, any time a person who has “attained a certificate” is employed, they are not considered qualified for the job to which they are applied.

The only qualification that is considered for such jobs is a high school degree. As a result, it became easier to obtain a certificate. This has made it increasingly easier for people to do things they could not do before a college degree. The only problem is that there are far too many colleges out there.

So, what should colleges do? They should stop offering degrees or certificates, while not allowing people to do things such as becoming the captain of a football team just to satisfy their diploma mills? Or, what should they do? They should turn the entire job training into a

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