The Story of a Film About Two Brothers

The Story of a Film About Two Brothers

Review: These New Delhi brothers heal ‘All That Breathes’ in extraordinary documentary

The first time I saw it, these two brothers, Dinesh and Sanjay Chopra, sitting in a living room, quietly, quietly going through their mail. All this time, Dinesh’s brother Sanjay had been in San Francisco, having a tough time managing his own life, and somehow managing to make it big. After all, it was his brother who played a role in his success. And now, after a few years away and after a while, they’ve returned to Delhi, where Sanjay was born.

Not much happened immediately. In the next five years, they would move between San Francisco and New York, and then back to Delhi. The first time I saw them, they wore black t-shirts with the name of their brother’s movie on them, with the title of the film on the back, and with the message “ALL THAT BREATHES”. I said, who’s this? They said, “We didn’t get this.” One day, I decided to check whether they were right. I was really hoping that this would be something which could show the film’s good effect. But after a lot of research, it was found that this was a documentary about two brothers, the filmmaker-brothers in question, and their journey to make this film.

For the first time, I became a viewer of a documentary. And after watching it, I was ready to ask them, where did you get such an idea with your brother? Why did you come here? That’s when they told me what started it, which was simply that there were two brothers, who after making two films a few years back, had decided to make a third. They decided to make one about their journey and one about how their two movies had affected them so much.

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