The Raging Moon Wolf is the new force at the

The Raging Moon Wolf is the new force at the

Editorial: Corporations keep trying to throw out progressive California laws. Do we need reforms?

The fight over “net neutrality,” the Obama administration’s push to eliminate Internet regulation for online service providers, has led to a bitter fight among the lefty blogs that make up the comment box at the For almost two years, the conservative blog, the Raging Moon Wolf, has been leading the charge, trying to convince conservative-leaning businesses and their customers (including us) to keep resisting the “net neutrality” regulations. Last week the Raging Moon Wolf was the leader when the broke the first story, and many of our commenters have since been supporting us.

But this week, the other side has risen to the forefront, and has become the most active and organized, and the most influential, online discussion at the

The new force on the left is the nonprofit group, Fight for the Future; the group was one of the first online advocates to organize against the net neutrality rules last February. And it has proven to be a powerful force at the Register site.

The new battle ground, the Raging Moon Wolf blog, went from being an Internet news source, to being in a battle with, and in the process being led by, the very blog at the Register site.

Fight for the Future launched a campaign on Jan. 28 against net neutrality rules, which are set to take effect next year.

Fight for the Future is made up of individuals and groups committed to stopping the roll-back of net neutrality, a battle they say is long over due. Their focus is on getting the roll back of net neutrality that was adopted in 2015 overturned.

According to Fight for the Future, the roll back of net neutrality is in line with a plan proposed by U.S. telecom and Internet giants to use the new regulations to undermine and eventually kill net neutrality.

Fight for the Future says that a study conducted by the US Trade Representative Office showed that the roll-back of net neutrality would cost Americans more than $1.3 trillion over the next decade.

“It’s a question of whether we’ll

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