The Problem With Herschel Walker

The Problem With Herschel Walker

Goldberg: Herschel Walker may be lying about an ex-girlfriend’s abortion. Does it matter?

“I’m like, I’ll take that deal,” Goldberg says: “That would be one of the worst deals that I’ve ever seen, ever.”

Herschel Walker may have lied about his love life by telling a close friend that while he was dating a former girlfriend, she had an abortion.

The man — Walker’s former college roommate and now-former co-worker, John L. McEnroe — has come forward to talk about how he was told about Walker’s alleged lie, which he said he immediately confronted Walker about and Walker denied. McEnroe also claims he told the truth about Walker’s supposedly untruthful account to a reporter.

Why would a guy who is willing to share almost every detail of his life with the world suddenly be so untruthful? Is it because he’s been lying all along? If so, to whom? And is it a problem that the media has decided he needs to tell the story himself, or is it the story of his own lying?

We’ve dug up a lot of material about Walker’s relationship with this young woman, who is obviously no longer his girlfriend — and this seems to have been the reason that the subject came up. McEnroe also claims to have told a reporter Walker never told them he had an abortion.

The problem, if you care about the truth, is that Walker may have lied to you and he may have lied to a reporter. There’s a chance they both may be telling the truth, but that’s how it goes when you’re a single, teenage boy, and you tell a story you think you’re proud of to two guys, who have to have been drinking.

The problem, as stated, is that Walker is a young man with a new girlfriend, and there’s a chance he was lying to her about his girlfriend, who has since disappeared. There’s a chance she’s not going to believe him at all, and there’s a chance he misled her by lying to you!

If he isn’t lying to you, is it a problem with her or him?


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