The New Normal: How American Airlines is Rethinking its Role in the Airline Industry

The New Normal: How American Airlines is Rethinking its Role in the Airline Industry

Airlines Cash In as Flexible Work Changes Travel Patterns

For a time, America’s airlines were the best at serving travelers, but that all changed in 2006.

For the first time, it appeared that the industry had finally learned the lessons of the post-Airline Deregulation era, and that the airlines would stop ducking their fare and become the best in the business at squeezing passengers for every penny.

But when the dust settled, it was revealed that American Airlines was in the midst of an eight-year bankruptcy and Delta’s bankruptcy was imminent, leaving American and United in a virtual monopoly position. This left American as the most powerful airline in the United States, and with the best, most flexible work force in the world. It had the market cornered on the ability to offer more of what passengers want.

But the airlines are back.

Not surprisingly, American has begun to flex its muscles in response to a new opportunity to grow its business and increase profits. As the industry once more rethinks the role that it plays, it is starting to look to its many customers to help it reestablish its market dominance.

The New Normal

As consumers become more aware and demanding, the airlines have had to adapt to this new standard. This means that the industry must be more creative in what it delivers to the flying public. And airlines are more and more seeing the need to be innovative to meet this demand. Their ability to adapt is key to their ultimate survival during the new normal. In a climate of change, the airlines need to ensure that they have the flexibility to adapt to this new landscape and offer a full range of services that meet the needs of passengers in all segments – business, leisure, and on-demand.

American Airlines currently has the unique advantage of a small, highly-skilled workforce that can quickly and efficiently provide more services to customers. This advantage is critical in a marketplace that demands more convenience and flexibility. To accomplish this, the

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