The Hollywood Ghost-Busting Crew is in full action mode

The Hollywood Ghost-Busting Crew is in full action mode

Hollywood ghost stories: Keanu Reeves, Kendall Jenner and more stars detail scary encounters


he Hollywood star ghost-busting crew is in full-on action mode, with several stars sharing their tales of terrifying encounters on social media, on TV and in their personal lives.

Among the stars who recently shared their tales: Keanu Reeves, Kendall Jenner and more.

Reeves shared an experience that saw him walking through an empty hotel lobby and a woman peering in and then running away when he walked past her.

Reeves wrote on Twitter: “I just had this crazy experience in an empty hotel lobby in Hollywood, California. The lady that was behind me, I walk into her room but she didn’t say a word. It was around 2 am and I was trying to figure out who I could ask for a hotel room since there wasn’t one, so I said “hi” through the door. A gentleman across the lobby and I looked at each other and the lady smiled at me and then closed the door.

“I walk to the elevators the second time and there was no one in the hall. The next thing I know there is my head in the toilet. I’m screaming and yelling, but no one is responding. I walk back out and I’m back in my room. Then I heard a voice, I turned around and I see a man with his head above the seat in the elevators, smiling at me and then he walks down and disappears into the elevators.

“I got up, I went to his floor, but he was gone and I got back to my room. So I started screaming and yelling and finally I had to leave. I was terrified. He seemed normal, but when you see him in the hall it’s a different story. It was surreal.”

Reese Witherspoon shared a similar experience in 2014, recalling how she became a ghost for six days.

Witherspoon shared: “My husband and I moved in together six days after my divorce was final. We bought a house together in a quiet, leafy suburb in the middle of no where. We had a wonderful time and were having a great time. Then out of the blue, my apartment started acting bizarre. I couldn’t sleep. My mind kept roaming to the past

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