The Facts About Medicine

The Facts About Medicine

Letters to the Editor: Do yourself a favor — call your doctor ‘Doctor.’ A physician explains why a drug or procedure does not cause a particular side effect. A professional calls a ‘jerk’ by his or her words to a police officer. Do you have to listen to a professional in order to write to the editor of the New Haven Register?

* I have never liked or ever been able to understand the way that the ‘new’ doctors’ who have come on board are so ‘clever.’ They don’t seem to get the basic fact that drugs and surgery only work by doing something to the body and that most of their patients don’t do anything themselves. Many seem to accept that the ‘new’ drugs and surgery will’save’ a few patients who have had a serious operation. But when they look at the millions of people over the age of 50 who have had major operations, they begin to wonder how these drugs and procedures ‘work.’ How can a surgery or drug that has been used for years for many different diseases and conditions really ‘work’ on you? When their own bodies are being studied, they begin to discover that the drugs and the surgery can do harm to you.

* They should listen before they write, but they often do not know the facts about medicine. They seem to believe that you as the consumer has as much knowledge as their ‘professionals’ who treat patients. That they write a medical letter but do not know the facts is sad.

* The newspaper is in good financial position and is probably being told how and when to run stories, but it is a good thing that these reporters know how to write a good story. They are also being told by their editors that they do not have to respond to personal attacks. They are told to respond to stories that are reported and they are informed of the facts about the drug. How much time have these reporters actually spent learning the facts about the drug?

* The last year’s campaign to destroy an opponent by the

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