The Crisis in Our Nation

The Crisis in Our Nation

Letters to the Editor: How we the people are letting Trump destroy our democracy

As part of our ongoing coverage of the Trump administration and the upcoming presidential election, we at the Herald have been discussing the ongoing impact on our nation of so-called populism, and how we, the people, as voters are allowing Trump and our leaders alike to drive us further and further into the abyss of populism. That is a very big reason why we are experiencing this crisis in the first place.

We see it in the rise of extreme right-wing groups on college campuses, in college campus politics, in the extreme right-wing political movements in Europe, in the rise of the white nationalist movement, in the rise of the anti-migrant groups, in the growing alt-right, in the rise of authoritarian groups in the United States, and of course in the rise of Trump in the 2016 presidential cycle.

We see it in Brexit, in Italy’s rising far-right parties, and in France’s rise of Marine Le Pen. It is also very much at play with the increasing polarization of our country as we move into the Trump presidency. Where we are going now as a country is more closely aligned with how Europe’s political leaders have structured and driven countries into the abyss of populism.

To be clear, there are many, many reasons as to why we are experiencing the current crisis in our country. There are many factors beyond the control of our elected officials or president. As Trump has shown, he is very adept at manipulating the people. And as I have written previously, Donald Trump is a master of the craft of propaganda. This is just one example of the reasons why we the people are so easily manipulated.

To be fair, the media, and specifically the media of hate have been in the forefront of all of this. From the very beginning of this Trump administration, the media has been at the forefront, not just of the Trump campaign but of both the presidency and all of the other issues of the current administration. Trump uses the media as a means to distract from the many issues at hand. This is just another example of why

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