Thanksgiving Traditions: A Family Tradition

Thanksgiving Traditions: A Family Tradition

Kathie Lee Gifford shares Thanksgiving traditions: From prayer to ‘old-fashioned’ food

By Susan Duclos, CNN

Updated 2216 GMT (0022 EST) November 7, 2007

Kathie Lee Gifford shares Thanksgiving traditions: From prayer to ‘old-fashioned’ food03 photos


Kathie Lee Gifford shares her family’s tradition of Thanksgiving, and it seems to be a tradition that stretches all the way back to her great-aunt Ethel. For Gifford, it’s about spending time with relatives and friends.2/23


Gifford’s family prepares traditional dishes for the long holiday weekend. In her family, Thanksgiving means a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, featuring the usual items from beef to potatoes.4/23


“It’s a day I get to spend with my family,” says Gifford, and adds that her family is also always willing to cook for a visitor. One Thanksgiving, when her guests asked to “pig out,” Gifford was happy to oblige.6/23


Gifford says she is still trying to figure out what it means to be a “picky eater,” and she does it as much as she can, including at Thanksgiving. “I have to say, the only thing I am really picky about is turkey. It’s the only one I actually have the courage to try, but I can’t stand the cranberry or the stuffing. They don’t taste too great either.”7/23


“When I walk into the kitchen, I usually like to see what is going on in my family,” says Gifford, who says her family’s Thanksgiving tradition began at her great-aunt’s house. “It’s good to get to connect with family and to learn more about how your family functions. It’s a good time.”8/23


Despite her busyness, Gifford plans to spend Thanksgiving at home. “When you have a big family, you take holidays much more seriously. It’s so important now to get away, but I’m willing to spend a day with my family and let’s have Thanksgiving there as well,” she says. “That’s why it’s important to me to spend it

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