Serena Williams’s former coach, Jim Buss, Could Have Made Her the Greatest Player Ever

Serena Williams’s former coach, Jim Buss, Could Have Made Her the Greatest Player Ever

How Serena Williams’ former coach brought Simona Halep back from the brink of tennis retirement

Serena Williams has been dubbed ‘the greatest player never to win a major”, but a new book claims that the tennis star’s former coach, Jim Buss, could have made her the greatest ever.

The book, “Unlucky in Love”, written by former ESPN journalist Bob Iger and published this weekend (August 5th in the US) claims Buss was instrumental in bringing the tennis world’s greatest rival back to the game.

In a recent interview with Press Talk, Williams spoke about the book.

“I think it’s a good idea. It was a lot of fun talking to him. But I don’t think what he told me is necessarily true. We don’t know what was going on in his mind,” she said.

“In the book he tells all sorts of things. When I read it, it came out very different than what he told me,” she added.

Williams, who won her sixth Grand Slam title at Wimbledon last year, now is the world’s top-ranked 32 year old women’s tennis player, with a $20 million contract at the top of one of the most lucrative fields in the sport.

But her career began to trail off when she suffered an injury in 2009 which caused her to miss a significant chunk of the next three years.

In an interview with AP, she revealed her feelings about her own legacy.

“I don’t know if the story of me and my sister and my mom can ever be written,” she said. “I don’t want my daughter to feel like, as her mother, she’s the person [she] should be.”

She added: “I want her to believe that Serena Williams is the best mom she knows.

“We all did a lot of things in our life that were good and we can be good at something…. You can’t always remember everything.”

Buss has been on the hot seat all tournament long after he revealed his side of the affair between Williams and Andy Roddick, a former professional who is now the coach of Williams.

During the time between the end of Williams’ 2011 U.S. Open and Wimbledon,

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