Nancy Pelosi is our representative to the Senate

Nancy Pelosi is our representative to the Senate

Letters to the Editor: Nancy Pelosi shows the need for more women leading government

Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House, is responsible for the decisions that affect every American every day. She is our representative to the Senate and has access to what we need to do for the country. Her vision is to provide better and better health care, a strong military, an educated workforce and so much more. As a woman, she understands that we face the same challenges and has had a long life in public service and leadership.

In today’s Democratic Party, we are told to be a “women’s party” and “a party of women.” With every tweet, with every article published, with every speech made, we are called to be the “party of women” by the media. Nancy Pelosi shows that that is not the case. She is a woman, she has a progressive view on life, but she is and always has been a leader in this country.

My name is Susan Fennell and I am proud to be a proud Republican. There are many important roles that women fill in society, but I will make one thing clear: This woman is not.

This woman is our representative to the Senate. The woman who once stated that the party of Lincoln, was the Democratic Party, has spent the past four-plus decades working to make sure that it is the “party of women.”

This woman has been a staunch defender of a woman’s right to choose and fought for the lives of both a woman and her child in the womb. She has fought to ensure that our country would support women as they enter the public health and health insurance sphere.

We are grateful to the woman who for 40 years made sure that her party had a woman by her side. She was one of the very first women to serve in a major party office, and she was not afraid to come forward to stand up to the “women’s agenda.” She has been a leader because she would not let any minority cause her to look weak. She has called it what it is and what it has always been – a “loyal opposition.”

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