Kanye West’s team refuse to confirm whether his album will be a free launch

Kanye West’s team refuse to confirm whether his album will be a free launch

Why Spotify and Apple Music haven’t pulled Kanye West’s songs from its service

Listeners have complained that they’ve been unable to find West’s tracks

Music fans have been complaining about the lack of albums Kanye West and Paul McCartney have put together since they announced their joint project, Make A Wish, on November 5.

In response, West’s representatives have said that the rapper is waiting to make a final decision, that his team will keep listening and that they will put music up on the service as soon as possible.

However, West’s team have refused to confirm whether his tracks have been pulled because of the lack of album support from Apple Music and Spotify.

On November 1, West revealed that he would be releasing an album on November 10, the launch date of Apple Music.

His team announced that it would be a free launch, saying: “We can reveal that in addition to featuring a free album on our new music streaming service, the album will also be available for 99 cents.

“West will release a free album on the app store on November 10. We can’t reveal which song will be featured on the album, but we are working on the album and will share that information when we have it.”

West also revealed that a second song from the project titled “All Day” would be available to download on November 10 for 99 cents.

The team have yet to release a follow up announcement after announcing the album, although they have been on Twitter to say that they’d post a message before the album’s launch.

A spokesperson for the team told NME that they were not able to release an album because Apple doesn’t allow “harcore” tracks to be released on the service.

“You can not put a high quality song on the service. It would be like having an album of ‘80s singles on Spotify and iTunes,” the spokesperson told NME.

West’s team have also attempted to explain why the album has been on iTunes for more than a year.

“We decided to delay the album launch so all of the tracks would be available before the album went on sale and would give you an opportunity to pre-order the album,” the spokesperson said.

When asked why the album would have been released so long, the spokesperson said: “Because we wanted to give

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