Justin Bieber pleads not guilty to uttering threats, mischief and trespassing

Justin Bieber pleads not guilty to uttering threats, mischief and trespassing

Judge Judy claims Justin Bieber is ‘scared to death’ of her, avoided her when they were neighbors in his Vancouver home as she told police he said he had ‘homosexual thoughts’ and made ‘homophobic comments’ when she confronted him

Justin Bieber’s mother and father testified in open court that they were’surprised and disappointed’ when they found out their son was arrested by the Canadian police after he was found hiding in bushes with a man

Bieber’s mom and dad have testified he was so obsessed with him that he asked his girlfriend’s best friend to be his partner when he was 17

Bieber admitted he was’scared of what would happen when he showed up at her house’ after she told him she would not have sex because of his ‘homosexual thoughts’

Justin Bieber has been charged with uttering threats, mischief and trespassing after his arrest by Canadian police while in the backyard of a young woman

Lawyers for Justin Bieber said they would be asking the judge to declare in his favor and to be released from custody, but did not ask for bail to be set

Justin Bieber is the latest celebrity to be in trouble over ‘homophobic’ comments.

Lawyer James Orloff announced his client’s plea of not guilty on Justin Bieber after the troubled pop star was arrested on a misdemeanor count of uttering threats and mischief.

Orloff didn’t say why Bieber didn’t file a bond, but said he would be asking for his client’s release. He would not be asking for bail to be set.

Orloff also read out the victim’s name and address, including the city, state and date of birth, on Monday.

Lawyer James Orloff said Justin Bieber was just 14 years old at the time of the alleged incident.

Orloff read out the victim’s name and address.

‘He’s just a 16-year-old boy who is going to be a father and an adult,’ Orloff said.

‘We are asking the court to let him out of jail on a probationary status so he can learn about what it’s like to be a teenager and make some decisions about his freedom.’

Orloff said his client ‘hits everything’ and ‘has had some major issues’, including alcohol and

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