Christopher LaVoie: The Chicago Entrepreneur Who Made Reality-TV Shows

Christopher LaVoie: The Chicago Entrepreneur Who Made Reality-TV Shows

Who is Christopher LaVoie? Man behind ‘4 Days’ reality shows has history of run-ins with police, dubious business ventures, and more.

Christopher LaVoie’s name is all over the Internet.

His first name is Christopher, then simply Chris, but his full moniker is Christopher LaVoie. He’s the man behind “4 Days” and the “Road to Reality” reality-TV shows, and he’s also been the subject of multiple federal investigations of fraud, extortion, and forgery.

There are a lot of curious aspects to the life and work of this well-known Chicago entrepreneur, who is also an unrepentant supporter of the controversial and widely criticized city government of Chicago.

Born in 1963 in Buffalo, New York, LaVoie is a native of Chicago. He was raised in the South Side’s Humboldt Park neighborhood, where he got a bachelor’s degree in business at the University of Minnesota and an MBA from Northwestern University. Since the early ’80s, he has run his own business ventures.

After earning his MBA, LaVoie became a successful software programmer in the 1990s and started his first venture into the world of television. His first role was programming and producing music videos on MTV, which led to a job at the cable TV company Viacom. It was in the Viacom offices that this young man met his future wife, an Illinois-born public school teacher and former member of the Women’s Political Caucus of the Cook County Board of Education.

The two were married for nine years before their divorce in 1993.

After working as a computer systems analyst, LaVoie had been in love with the idea of making money through the media industry and he was intrigued by the idea of making a reality-TV show.

It was at the suggestion of a friend who was working for a company he had a small stake in that he started working on a reality-TV show. The producer of a show called the Road to Reality, who was in the

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