Budweiser is looking into a partnership with the IOC for the next World Cup

Budweiser is looking into a partnership with the IOC for the next World Cup

Budweiser’s unsold World Cup beer will go to the champion team or the best World Cup team for the next 12 months, the company said.

That’s because Budweiser has bought the exclusive rights to a beer promotion with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The company said it has been able to buy out the rights to that promotion for a year.

However, the IOC is yet to decide whether to extend the beer’s exclusive contract.

Instead, Budweiser has given itself three months to decide whether to let the team which finishes first it gives to the champion of the next World Cup, or to the best World Cup team. The team in each case will have five minutes to decide among themselves.

If no team comes forward, Budweiser can hand the spot to the most successful beer brand for that World Cup.

According to the law, if Budweiser decides that its brand doesn’t have the best chance at winning, the next team to win will take the spot.

Budweiser is also looking into getting the tournament as a partner in any future World Cup.

The marketing agreement with the IOC covers any marketing for the next World Cup, but not until it is officially known. This will be announced in June, when the next World Cup will be played.

Budweiser’s World Cup beer promotion comes to an end next month, when the team which finishes first in its domestic league is handed the World Cup spot.

The World Cup is a tournament which has been played since the modern era began in the 1980s, and is the world’s richest sporting event. The tournament has the most money raised for the world’s greatest sports, but has been criticized by some for being too short.

Budweiser first brought its marketing to the World Cup in 1982. In the next decade, it expanded its marketing to make it a marketing event that was held on the eve of the World Cup. Since 2003, Budweiser has held its marketing day on the eve of every World Cup, for a total of six events.

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