Al Gore’s “4 Days to Save the World”

Al Gore’s “4 Days to Save the World”

WATCH: ‘4 Days to Save the world’ was a reality show with big ambitions. See a preview of the Star’s investigation into the real-life events that resulted in that documentary.

In 1999, when Al Gore was gearing up to launch “The Future” to the world, he was thinking of a television mini-series that would explore what lay ahead.

It would follow in a kind of parallel to “The History of the World,” and would be called “4 Days to Save the world.”

This reality series was actually the brainchild of Bill Moyers, a well-known journalism professor at New York University.

One of several projects that he had been working on for years, it was one of several he was developing to explore the nature of his book, “The War of the World,” which was published the year before.

“This is a little book in which the past is not dead, but alive. I would say the past is alive in this book,” he said at the time. “It is this reality, this future that we are heading for.”

His goal was to use his media platform to spark public discussion as he documented the historical facts he found in his book and broadcast it via his daily NBC television show.

“4 Days to Save the World,” which premiered in 2001.

Al Gore, the author of “The War of the World,” would take his role as producer and host seriously.

“We are talking about the future,” Gore said in one of the first interviews he did as the series was still in the developmental stage.

“When the world is ready for this kind of conversation to begin, we’ll be ready,” he said.

He wanted to bring the historical facts and their implications that he found in his book into the television program and allow viewers to sort it all out themselves.

“I want

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